# Jake Read at the CBA Hi! I'm Jake Read, a Masters degree candidate at the MIT [Center for Bits and Atoms](cba.mit.edu), and I'm working to explore the ways we will manufacture in the next 25 years. Specifically, I'm interested in developing flexible capital equipment with reconfigurable hardware and software to show how we can bring rapid prototyping (a generalist's practice) into large markets (typically dominated by specialists). ## Squid Works [Squid Works](https://gitlab.cba.mit.edu/squidworks/squidworks) is a collection of work which develops Distributed Dataflow Machine Controllers, a new class of machine controller. DDMCs allow succinct program execution across a networked system by using a self-similar program representation across scales, not by standardizing systems but by standardizing messages they use to communicate with one another. In addition to a software architecture model and messaging model, the work includes modular hardware objects (circuits, mostly motor controllers and message passing hardware [i.e. a router]), and most importantly, a graphic environment for program development and operation, served in the browser. This is computing and actuation for physical systems where components and mechanisms can be individually addressable, sensitive, and composable. <video width="800" height="450" controls> <source src="video/abstract-v04.mp4" type="video/mp4"> Your browser does not support the video tag. </video> <a href="https://gitlab.cba.mit.edu/squidworks/squidworks"><img src="images/atkapi.png" width="800"></a> ## RCT Gantries [RCT Gantries](https://gitlab.cba.mit.edu/jakeread/rctgantries) are parametric hardware designs for rapid prototyping of automation equipment. <a href="https://gitlab.cba.mit.edu/jakeread/rctgantries"><img src="images/rctgantries.jpg" width="800"></a> ## Hot Plates I am also developing interchangable end-effectors for gantry machines, so far this includes: <a href="https://gitlab.cba.mit.edu/jakeread/hotplate"><img src="images/hotplate.jpg" width="800"></a> <a href="https://gitlab.cba.mit.edu/jakeread/simplespindle"><img src="images/simplespindle.jpg" width="800"></a> <a href="https://gitlab.cba.mit.edu/jakeread/aaxis"><img src="images/aaxis.jpg" width="800"></a> ## Actuators A [brief study on actuator availability](https://jakeread.pages.cba.mit.edu/actuators/) and ongoing work on actuator design, is ongoing.. <a href="https://jakeread.pages.cba.mit.edu/actuators/"><img src="images/nri-actuators-plot-cxst.png" width="800"></a>