Jake Read @ the CBA

Hello! I'm a graduate student at MIT's Center for Bits and Atoms

Right now, the distribution of the world's fabrication is similar to the distribution of wealth: a small number of large firms do the vast majority of it. This means that less of us are able to participate in the design of our daily lives, and the systems that connect them. I'm working on technologies that allow smaller businesses to successfully participate in the manufacturing economy.

This means making tiny factories, instead of tiny machines.

To get at this, I'm working on hardware and software systems for process assembly.

So, hardware controllers and sensors:

And networks to connect them:

With software for programming and controlling distributed systems:

I'm also working with Jens Dyvik to develop parametric hardware tools.

And I'm interested in developing novel actuators to further drop the cost of robotic systems:

Previously, I was a Machine Designer:

And before that, an Architect:

I really like furniture:

I've also spent some time designing and building drones:

Things are fairly primal at the moment, but if that brief description sounds exciting to you, get in touch here, or take a look at my old work, or follow along on instagram @jakerobertread.